Manufacturing Strength

GLEECON owns the advanced production lines, testing equipments and all the 

main inner components are produced by ourselves.

We have a group of well-trained workers who manufacture products that comply the certified standard. Every stages of the production would be supervised by quality control department. The workers would actively reflect the problems during production to Engineering department , all we together to produce every perfect unit.

R&D Advantage


Our outstanding R&D team combines the design ideas with cutting edge technology, creating the innovative products with unique character. We will launch new products every year to support our customer to lead 

the market.

Quality Assurance



At GLEECON, we regard our products as moral quality. Our quality control dept. will inspect the raw material one by one before mass production, and test the semi-product during the production, test the finished product after assembling and before shipment, all to ensure 100% effective and safe products for end users.

Metel grid workshop

Plastic injection workshop

Punch Machine workshop

Assembly workshop

Electronic workshop

Inspection of finished 


Inspecting incoming 


Inspection of PCB